51l6d9xnPmL._SX317_BO1,204,203,200_Why after ISSAC was arrested by police officers in RIO ORO REST. Mr PUERTAS,ran for the brifcase and rushed in his office?What was in the case? The cops came back for the case but Puertas wasn’t in his office and his employees didn’t know his where about.police told the employees they were going to get a warrant to search the REST.They left and the employees began to search the office but the briefcase wasn’t found.What brought about this affaire.It started after an earthquake in SEA TOWN.The general manager of the meteorology org. told reporters he sent ten million to aid the people,but six months later the cash had not reached it’s destination,ISSAC was on the staff and found out how his manager Mr ASTEL and his finance secretary BERNARD JAY,produced a counterfeit document to make believe they had sent the money to the people.ISSAC told Mrs ASTEL,the manager’s wife,he was going to sue her husband,she got nervous and told her husband,who didn’t think twice to work a strategy,which turned in to a scandal.He hired three news men to do the dirty job.The men entered the REST. During lunch time,one was carrying a briefcase,another had a polaroid camara and the thrid man had a newspaper.The man with the case went to ISSAC’S table put the case in front him and shouted.”here is the money the business men sent you for the bribe” The camara man went to ISSAC took his picture and they left,shortly after the incident two cops showed up arrested ISSAC pushed in the van and drove to headquarters.When the cops returned to search the REST.ASTEL won them on the draw and took the briefcase to his office.