41KNN3jgUCL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_My opportunity came my way the day my uncle introduced me to KALEB. He was the son of a rich farmeer in my home town. I was a poor indian origin.Ny parents could not afford to ssend me tp school let alone to college. he was an year ahead to get a degree in agriculture.We began dating and three months after he got nis diploma,we got married and move to a big city where he got an administrator job.I took advantage of the wonderful time were were having and went to a public school as time went along we enjoyed ourselves very much but two months later KALEB,changed suddenly,I can explain why,I wanted to think it was because he wanted to have children and children wasn’t my priority.W argued the issuse over and over,this began to get on my nervers.I then decided to have a baby.This united for a while then we dripped into the the bad ways agaian,otherwise from esing dirty words and insults my parents and I.